Monday, July 25, 2011

I swear, every time my husband comes home and sees a stack on cookbooks on the kitchen table, he breaks into a cold sweat. I'm sure he's thinking, "Oh God, what new thing am I going to have to try this time?" It's not that it is guaranteed to be a disaster (although there have been a few), it's that he isn't a fan of change. At all. Mind you there are some things that he really enjoys that he would have never tried if not for me. Quinoa is one. Pumpkin pasta is another. 

Now, one picky eater is enough, and we already have two in this household. I can't afford another! So my mission is to get my daughter to try everything at least once, and to have her decide what she likes and dislikes. Hopefully, my husband's and my pickiness won't transfer to her and she'll like a lot more than she dislikes. To do this we're going to have to learn to not look disgusted every time we come across something we hate. (Is this possible?)
The hard part is going to be looking enthusiastic about celery! I absolutely hate the flavour, texture, and colour of celery--or anything else that has anything to do it with it for that matter. Yuck!

So my little sweetie, get ready because your food journey is about to start. Today I pureed some zucchini for you to have later this week! And Tim, prepare yourself. The little green bits in the muffins are zucchini. But it's really yummy, I swear!

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