Thursday, April 18, 2013

What made me happy today?

What made me happy today?
1. My daughter's wonderful imagination.
2. Finishing my exam and having a great conversation with a friend on the way home.
3. Getting my passport in the mail today. Look out Amish folks, here I come! 
4. Being able to work from home for myself.
5. The look on the driver's face who was following me through a full parking lot to get my parking space when he realized I was walking home, not to my car.

Photo from the Flamborough Review's website.

What have I been working on?
Well many things! Including some super cute napkins with this Eric Carle fabric that my two year old daughter helped me measure and tear into strips. Maybe this way I'll have them done in time for a family picnic in August and I'll be able to convince my Mother-in-Law to leave the paper towels at home. She's a sucker for cute items, this may just work!

I started glue basting this table topper made from Japanese fabrics for my Mom. We'll see if I get it finished in time for her trip here. Odds are not, but you'll never know if you don't try right?

And in the non-sewing world, I've been working on a little organic reading project with my daughter. She's helping me chose which photos to take and I'm adding the words after we upload them to the computer. (I have to say, I love our cats and there good natured attitudes with posing for the camera!) This is all in preparation of whenever the next $0.10 a print sale happens at Blacks Photography.