Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I can't tell if I'm in a turkey coma (we decided to pretend we were American on the weekend and had a thanksgiving dinner with some loved ones we missed the first time around), or if maybe I'm tired because my daughter has 7 swollen gums and is little miss cranky pants today. Who can blame her? If I had 7 swollen gums (5 of which are back teeth), I'd be a little miss cranky pants too!

But on the bright side, I've been sewing a little when I'm able. My husband is really great and understands my need to do something creative for at least a few minutes every day for some sanity. I've made great progress on my Mom's, my sister's, and my in-law's Christmas gifts. Now if my Dad would stay away from his laptop long enough for my Mom to take measurements, I'd be a little closer to having more than half the Christmas gifts I'm making this year well on their way to completion.

I have a finish, albeit a really simple one. It is one of the bags we'll be using to 'wrap' Christmas gifts this year, rather than dealing with wrapping paper and tape. A) It's great for the environment; and B) It's great for the lazy mother that tires easily of wrapping gifts (a.k.a., ME). And who doesn't love that little robin holding on to a letter for Santa with a little bit of gold sparkle to it?

Next, I was just messing around with some HSTs. I needed to add a HST listing to AccurateCuts' etsy store and needed pictures to do so. I ended up piecing the HSTs just because I could and knew I wouldn't have to trim them to square them up after. :o) 

Not quite sure what I'll make out of the square though. I don't have more of the fabric, the rest is being used in my TSX quilt that is sitting in a pile in a deep dark corner of my sewing nook not to be resurected until maybe February, or more realisticly April.

Anyone out there making charity quilts that could use a 12 1/2" square (as pictured above) for a charity quilt? I'd be happy to donate it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday -- Stroller Blanket

If I had to describe sewing in one word, I would chose "empowering".

When I am using something and I don't like how it functions, or I can't find what I want in a fabric I like, I know I can make it. That is an amazing feeling for me.

This week's post is a prime example of that. I am tired of picking the blanket from the stroller off of the ground. It doesn't matter what ingenious way I try to wrap it around her legs, it will come off. She doesn't seem to care that I've wrapped it around her legs to keep her warm. It's like she thinks it's the "let's pull every book off the shelf" game. Fun for her, not so much for mom.

So, I'm in the process of making a warm sac for strollering. We walk just about everywhere, and this just seems like something I can't live without. Why I can't buy this in stores I don't understand. But it is okay, because I'll just make it if you don't want to sell it to me you baby product marketers out there.  :oP

So without further ado, here's my stroller sac (so far)!

I've used a really soft and cuddly flannel on both the inside and the outside with two layers of my go-to batting (Warm and Natural). I had some fun with my new sewing machine and played around with my choice of stitches on the quilting.

 And to make sure I don't infringe on the safety features of the stroller, I added an extra large buttonhole on the back to allow the safety strap to go through.

I still have to finish off the top and I'm thinking of putting in some short ties with snaps to connect to the stroller. Haven't quite decide if I want to use a piece of matching solid for that or if I'll just continue with the same fabric.