Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday--iSpy Drunkard's Path Nearly Complete

I'm so close, I can feel it. The quilting is done, now I just need to bury and trim my threads and then bind it. 

I didn't pay any particular attention to colour values when laying out the quilt. I just treated it like a scrappy and didn't put two of the same fabrics side-by-side. 

My daughter already loves it and has been following my progress with it since I got the 5" squares back from an iSpy swap I participated in. I guess I better make a decision on the binding so I can actually finish a quilt. I'm leaning toward a solid red binding since I already have the perfect one in my stash, I can just replace it for the project it was planned for when I get around to actually completing the project.

I'm already planning my next projects: [insert evil laugh here] 

* I'd like to make myself a purple suede business card holder. I created a sample of the pattern I came up with in a thick paper to see how I like it before I cut into my prized thrift store suede (I cut up the ugly jackets nobody wants to wear).

* I'm planning on a Hungry Caterpillar pillowcase to match my daughter's sheet since she doesn't want me to take her Dr. Seuss pillowcase off and put a regular boring adult one on.

* I want to start the embroidery on my daughter's day of the week outfit organizers. I found some really cute vintage cat embroidery patterns (my daughter is obsessed with cats, guess it's better than Disney princesses!) 

Here are one of the cats. If you are interested in seeing the rest I have links on this pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/iamaeble/days-of-the-week-embroidery/

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday--I actually basted something! I might actually finish a quilt

I hate basting. Really, really hate basting a quilt. I don't have a guild or group of friends near me that quilt that would be willing to help me (I believe good company makes annoying tasks more enjoyable), so I bit the bullet the other night and laid it out, smoothed everything a million times, and started pinning. 

I couldn't procrastinate, because my little Houdini decided she wanted to be in her crib and climbed in on her own. Still not quite sure how she did it, but I was the only one home with her and I didn't lift her in. So, we converted the crib into a toddler bed that night. And bought her a really flat pillow the following day. Well, then she needed a pillow case to match the sheet I made her for her bed!

I've finished piecing the top and the quilting in the center of my daughter's big girl bed quilt, now I just have to do the borders. Thankfully, I seemed to do an okay job on the basting. I only have one small little pucker on the back. Did I mention, I hate basing? Maybe if I had a different method or more space to do it in, it wouldn't be so bad.

I'm also mostly finished my quilt design. All the curved pieces can be cut with the AccuQuilt GO drunkard's path dies. What do you think?

Full Quilt

Corner Detail

Also in the works, is a pan of strata muffins to use up some stale bread. The only downside to making homemade bread is that it only stays fresh for a couple of days and we tend to not quite make it through a full loaf.

Check out what everyone else is working on here:

the Needle and Thread Network


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced