Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Did you miss me? Probably not ;o)

On top of my husband working insane hours, we all got sick. We also started to move my sewing space. I've now upgraded from a 4' x 2' closet to a 4' x 11' space in the bedroom. I still managed to fit some sewing in, but just wasn't up to blogging. After all, I sew for sanity.

I finished my Asian bargello quilt top! I plan on quilting this by machine once I have a machine that can handle it. I still plan on quilting a really big koi fish so it may be a while before this gets quilted. I haven't tried free motion quilting before. . . so it may be a little bit until I'm good enough to quilt this. I looked into having someone else long-arm quilt it for me and they wanted over $200 +shipping! Ouch! I think it can wait for me.

I also made my daughter a cloth book this week. After my daughter was found sticking a library book in her mouth, I decided it's time to increase her library with some books that can be chewed on. 

Now most would go to the store and buy some, but they are ALL polyester! Ewww. I'm sorry, I know some think I'm going overboard on this, but I really don't want her putting polyester in her mouth. That stuff has nasty chemicals that you can't wash out and end up in her little body. I just can't do it. So, we're making them. My Mom sent a really cute one that she embroidered for her. And I'm working on a couple designs that I'll get printed by 

What has everyone else been working on? Check it out here:
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ANudge said...

She will treasure her books, Mama.

LynCC said...

Love your Bargello. :D

Rebecca Lynne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bargello. Definitely a piece I could see fitting in quite nicely with my own collection of asian inspired decor. Love it! Cannot wait to see the koi...are you going to freehand or do you have a pattern? Jealous chica, very jealous!

Rebecca Lynne said...

Oh, and, I'd love to see your Spoonflower designs for the books. I too have a little Miss Put Everything in Her Mouth and more fabric books are in order. She does turn 1 at the end of the month and the child does not need more clothes!