Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can you admit it? "I don't like to clean, but I love a clean house."

I was reading a post on The Path to Frugality and saw the line, "I don't like to clean but I love a clean house." That truly spoke to me. It's the truth around here!

Martha also says:

A better use of your time would be to sit down with a tablet of paper and ask yourself these questions.
a.  How much time do you have to spend on cleaning?
b.  Are you a “clean a little bit at a time each day person” or are you a “deep clean once a week kind of person.” 
c.  Can you delegate some of the tasks to other family members and do you want to do that OR would you prefer to do it yourself to your standards?
From these questions I could see what was realistic for me and what was unrealistic for me.  My goal was to have an uncluttered home and relatively clean home that I could maintain. Yes, that is right, that I could maintain and what was realistic for me.
Spending some time writing down a plan that was tailored to my personality and my needs was the best use of my time. 
Hmmm. A plan. There's an idea. What I currently do is just randomly clean things as I realize, "Oh no, Munchkin might get into that." Since she's started crawling, vacuuming has become a regular activity. As well as cleaning surfaces in her reach and laundry. But I have to admit, things like cleaning windows, the freezer, etc. have all fallen to the wayside after I got pregnant. Maybe having a wash a couple window days isn't such a bad plan? After all, we can all spare at least 10 minutes a day can't we? I'm sure it will probably help with my husbands and my sanity after all. Maybe sewing for sanity isn't the only solution. . . 

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