Friday, September 23, 2011

Somewhere safe

Okay, I've done it again! And I'm really not sure how I managed to do it this time. I just moved and reorganized my sewing space, I should have found the already fused and cut out letters for the Brown Bear quilt in the process. My husband helped me look too. Akk where can they be!

Of course I'm searching desperately for them because we're planning on seeing the recipients of the quilt on Saturday and I really need to get the letters appliqued on, the quilt sandwiched and quilted, and then a binding sewn on! Crap I forgot about the binding, I will need more than two hours for this one. Come on letters, I really need to find you. I don't want to cut all the words out again!

Where oh where did I figure was a really safe spot to put them so I wouldn't lose them?

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