Friday, August 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday on Friday again--machine pieced cathedral windows

Did I finish my place-mats? Nope. Did I start something new? Yeap. Oh well, it's all good. I have a couple finishes (yay!)

This week I started and finished the Tinkerbell skirt for my niece and it's ready to hit the postal system and make it's way halfway across our great country. I used Dana of Made's simple skirt tutorial.

I made some peacock feather earrings and blogged about it here.

I also got a little bit further with my machine pieced cathedral window quilt. It was started in a course my Mom and I took together. Do you want to see it so far? You might want sunglasses for this one!

I machine pieced it, but I'm hand stitching the 'windows'. You definitely could machine stitch those, but I'm not that talented with my machine (yet). Plus, I find it kind of relaxing to sit and sew by hand. Maybe not an entire queen sized quilt any time soon, but for a pillow cover I think it is just right. When this is finished, it will probably be a Christmas gift for someone. After all it is made with some of my prized Kona cottons.

Now for the exciting part! I plan on taking the concept of this pattern and making it my own. I think I've figured out how to do a diamond cathedral window quilt, mostly by machine! You tell me, how cool do you think that would be? Maybe not this week though. . . the sewing is piling up and my six month old daughter has some nasty eczema that she keeps trying to scratch and may be getting her 5th tooth. Poor little thing!

Still in the works:
* Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt. I still need to get embroidery needles for my machine (and some thread) so I can satin stitch around the letters in the border.
* My Asian bargello quilt. Didn't touch this at all this week
* Some clothing alterations for my husband and I. This needs to move up the list. I'm breastfeeding and the pounds are just falling off. . . and so are my pants!
* Felt circle curtains. I still need to get a piece of doweling to hang them from.
* My machine pieced cathedral window piece from the quilting course my Mom and I took as her  Mother's Day gift.


Candace said...

I love the double-sided Cathedral windows. They look fantastic.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Oh I've been wanting to do this! It looks awesome...and what color choices...ha, we'll see it coming!

Kristen said...

Your hand-stitching looks fabulous! Its gorgeous with the solids!