Thursday, August 11, 2011

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

A funny thing happened today. I've spent part of my day gathering the things I need to can my own tomato sauce for the first time. I plan on using the recipe in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver which I just pulled out a day or two ago. Now much to my surprise, when I logged on to catch up one what's happening in blogland I discover that Deborah of Whipstitch Fabrics has the same book on her mind. Check out her blog post here if you haven't already. And check out the book here if you are interested in purchasing it.

This is a book I will never grow tired of reading. I love the story of her family embarking on creating what is a more sustainable life for them and their connection to the land. It makes me want to move out to the country and grow everything we eat. But instead, I think we'll stay in the heart of our city and just go to the farmers market that just moved across the street from us a month ago.   :o)   No more walking a whole 3 blocks for fresh veggies. 

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The recipes in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle are great recipes. I've used more recipes from this book then I have from some of my cookbooks that I own! So now it's time to try my hand at the pasta sauce recipe. Friday morning, I'm dragging my husband out of bed and sending him to purchase a bushel of tomatoes. I almost feel bad for him, but he loves his pasta and hates to cook, so it seems like a fair exchange. For those of your who would like to try the recipes for yourself, Camille Kingsolver has been kind enough to post them online for free. You can grab them here. I highly recommend the lasagna, I hide things like zucchini in it all the time on my husband and he doesn't really notice it.

I'll have to remember to share details about my first attempt at canning. Cross your fingers for me.

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