Sunday, August 14, 2011

The invasion of 50 lbs of tomatoes

Am I crazy? Likely. But I'm good with that.

After reading up on introducing solids to my daughter, I realized that a certain processed food staple in my families' diet isn't prepared in the ideal way for my little one. Oh kaboodles! There's no way we can live without pasta sauce in this household. I try to make a lot of our foods from scratch, but pasta sauce wasn't one I really considered before. Especially since times where I'm having a  rough day and don't feel like takeout, we often don't do take out, we do fresh pasta. After all, once you have the water boiled you can be sitting down to a meal in 4 minutes flat. And it only runs us around $5 to feed both of us. Much cheaper than ordering in. 

So, I decided to make my own sauce. This is where you know I'm crazy. My kitchen is lovely, but TINY. So tiny in fact that my sister calls it a "one bum kitchen". Thankfully, my sink is pretty large. I was able to fit 1/2 a bushel in the sink at once, which makes one really, really big pot of sauce.

Here we have proof of the tomato invasion, this is only half of them. 25 lbs of Roma tomato goodness:

My husband thought the sauce looked pretty funky after I poured some of the seasonings in.

And here's the after shot. Well, almost after. . . 18 jars down, 18 freezer bags to go.

Time to go stir. More sewing posts soon, I promise!

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