Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I still can't bring myself to do a full tally on what I'm working on. . . I have a strong feeling that the list is a little bit insane, so I'm avoiding that knowledge. I'm also avoiding starting a couple projects that are calling my name until I finish a couple things. 

I did some FMQ this past week and blogged about it on the post before this one, so I'm not going to talk about it here. But I realize that I have some other WIP progress I haven't shared here yet.

I have the quilting design for my Asian Bargello prepped.   :oD  The picture is the process I use for tracking out large scale designs on really, really cloudy dark days.
I'm super excited to get quilting this, but I really need to finish off my last couple Christmas gifts first. (Our TV isn't a plasma, it's glass so for those of you having a heart attack seeing this, it's OKAY. No TVs are being harmed in the making of my quilt.)

Speaking of which, this table runner for my sister-in-law is ready for quilting.
Don't mind Bella. She thinks the camera loves her and therefore she should be in all photos taken. I swear she sees the camera come out and comes running. It's quite comical to see. It's also the reason that I don't press prior to photo taking. I'd have been seriously annoyed if I had pressed it and then cat paws wrinkled it up again.

Then of course, My red piece. I thought M-R's idea of exploring colour this year was a great idea. To read more about it go here I don't know that I'll get a chance to follow along every month, but there is no harm in trying. This is where the piece is at right now. 
I still have to thread paint it, and I probably should have read a little bit more about the technique I was planning on using. I should have used something to control the bleeding. But it was a lot of fun and I think it will make a cute cover of a book or pencil case, or something.

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PS. I'm using flickr to upload my pics instead of blogger for the first time. It's sooooo much easier. Why didn't I try this before?


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Why are some people so darn talented?? lol
Your table runner is so is Bella.
But your sketch is lovely....I have no talent when it comes to drawing of any kind; and thread painting....hmmmmmmmmm I love it; but don't get anywhere with Keep it up; can't wait to see this piece finished....

RobinLovesQuilting said...

I love that table runner! My cats like to insist on being in quilt photos as well, but mostly just because they can't resist a good quilt when I've got it laid out. And that is a great idea for getting your designs traced!

LynCC said...

What a funny kitty. :D I love it!

Pat said...

Oh wow, I just love your projects. I like the bleeding on the flower. It makes it look very artistic and soft!

Molly said...

cute kitty and adorable table runner!

Cille said...

You're simply overall crafty. Sew, draw and paint :) impressive. I still draw like a first grader (stickmen really). And you're cat Bella sure beats my FatCat in beauty and grace as well :)

Dolores said...

Your first paragraph could have been written by me.
Lovely table runner and kitty. Good luck with your other projects.

Sheila said...

Great table runner and I actually like the bleeding in your drawing , it gives it dimension .Keep up the great work.

Susan Being Snippy said...

I too have a cat who insists on being in every quilt or crochet picture! I like the painterly runs in the fabric, looks more like watercolour and emphasising the lines may give it that definition...