Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where are all the cool knit fabrics?

Okay, I have a confession. I love knit fabrics!

They're comfortable, snuggley, don't fray when you cut them, and come in 100% cotton. Why do people hate them? What makes people afraid to sew with them? And where the heck do I find more selection of them?

There isn't a lot of fabric manufactures printing knit fabrics out there for the retail market. I know the fabric exists. Almost all of my daughters clothing is made from the stuff. Yet, when I go fabric shopping there isn't much out there. Patty Young seems to get it, maybe it's because she has two young girls and makes a lot of children's clothing patterns. 

Many people would recognize this:

or this:

But I want more! And I'm not willing to accept the polyester garbage. 

For now I'm focusing on projects with small pieces, so it's fine, I can re-purpose my daughters old clothing. But at some point, it would be nice to just purchase 100% cotton yardage.

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