Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cat's and quilted items and a little bit of FMQ

What is it about cats and quilted items?

I've been learning to FMQ using Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project and decided to take some pictures this morning. The light filtering in was perfect. Well it turned into a bit of a cat photo shoot! 

This isn't the actual course of events. Really you could hear me saying things like, "Pia, stop blocking the light!", "Bella, you fatso catso get off! I'm trying to take a picture.", "Pia, do you have to lay on everything that's white prior to letting me take a picture?!?" Clearly they did have a bit of a fight over who's quilted item it was. Jokes on them though, it's for my daughter.

Anyway back to the original point of this post. 
I'm pretty happy with the advice Leah Day shares in weeks one and two on quilting. She's moved away from the little 4" blocks and decided to go back to the basics. If you want to see what advice she has to offer, check out here website here:
Free Motion Quilting Project

I, of course being me, didn't follow her instructions to a "T". But I did stop and listen to what she had to say and learned a lot. These are my results so far:

I know, I know. I was supposed to not cross over the lines I already made.
But I got bored and like crossing lines so I did it any way. 

My version of a worm. We sometimes call my daughter a "wiggle worm".
Needs some work, but was a lot of fun to quilt in.

A shot from the back so you can see the stitches.
Considering this is my first project with any type of actual FMQ. I'm pretty please with results. It's only up from here!

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Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

You're miles ahead of me on the FMQ'ing. No answer for the cat question. I've wondered that myself. Everything you put down, they want to lie on. Weird....but not a deal-breaker. :)

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