Thursday, July 19, 2012

And the quest for organization begins. . .

My family and I started something new this week. We're working toward a simplified life and tidier household. I may, or may not, have forgotten to tell my husband what's going on. . . but I definitely showed him this (it's a slight variation to what I saw here

I don't think we could have realistically maintained this weekly schedule when we were both working full-time, but since I've left my regular day job and have started a small administrative/bookkeeping business from home, I feel this is doable. We're going to try it for a month and see what we think. 

I will need to tweak it some more to fit us better and have already started drafting a version 2.0 that includes weekend days and a specific seasonal task for each month. Although, I've left a couple of the summer months blank for now. Here's a sneak peak:

~::~     ~::~     ~::~

So, it's Thursday night and we started this whole thing on Monday. How are we doing so far? What do we think?

Well, I like that I don't have to look around and decide what has to be done. In a sense it's replicating what my husband's mum has done at their little getaway spot where there is a list of things that need to be completed before you leave. They were kind enough to let my husband and I use it a few times on our own, pre-baby days, and it really made it easy for the two of us to work together. I could see what he was doing as it related to the list and make a decision on what I could be doing to help us get out of there without stopping him and having a conversation about what we thought needed to be done. 

I like that I don't feel overwhelmed by any one task, it's a little bit in the morning, and a little bit at night. And it's all organized so I don't have to go on a big o' cleaning spree (which I hate by the way).

Now hopefully with the addition of one organizational task a week. Things like the shoe closet will be a little less of a jumbled mess and I might be able to find the camera cord so I can show off my awesome border for my daughter's circle quilt that I'm working on.

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