Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheyenne's skirt

Well, I'm getting my posts out of order because I really should be starting with a review of an amazing book that has actually given me great guidance on how to sew and do it well. In the past, I've really only done things where I can sew in a straight line with a regular straight stitch, period. But we'll save that post for later because I found a really cute tutorial on making a simple skirt and just had to make it for Cheyenne! Especially after Julia told me that whatever I get for Cheyenne's birthday should have at least one of the following qualities:
a) be pink;
b) have butterflies on it; or
c) have flowers on it.

Well hadn't I just received my latest fabric order from and it had this fabric:
Asian Collection Mum Gardens Fuchsia by Free Spirit

Check, check, and check. I actually had already cut out a skirt for myself prior to having this conversation with Julia, but there was just enough left over to make Cheyenne's skirt AND six hexagons for a hex flower quilt I'm starting. Yay! Not bad out of two yards of fabric (thankfully Cheyenne is still quite small).

I recommend checking out for some summer clothing inspiration that is super easy to do! (She always has great photos and inspiration.) I was a bit creative and made an adjustable waist band in my version, rather than just stitching in the elastic as you normally would. These little people grow so rapidly you know! I'll let you know if it works out the way I think it will, or if we've had to switch back to the regular waist band once it makes it's way out to Saskatchewan. 

Pictures of the finished product

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