Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A change to the focus of this blog. . .

Originally, I was going to blog all about the wonderful food creations I was making after being inspired by Jamie Oliver. Well, then I became obsessed with all the research necessary for our island purchase. Next came my pregnancy, and now I'm a mom. Wow. . . that still sounds weird. 

Anyway, this breastfeeding thing is pretty restrictive to what I'm eating (yuk). And there is relatively no creativity in what I'm eating, since eating the wrong food causes a lot of screaming by my daughter (double yuk). So I'll be holding off on trying out a lot of new recipes, but I am regularly cooking and doing what I can from scratch. Just not with tomatoes, pineapple, turnip, etc.  You'd be amazed just how big this list has become. I can't wait until my call with the nutritionist and the day when I can start reintroducing the "acidics"!

So, I'm going to write about what's going on with me in general and things that interest me. Be prepared for the facts you don't want to know about everyday products in our lives, for pictures of fabrics I love and quilting/sewing projects in the works, and other random new mom moments (if I was still on facebook, my status a couple days ago would have been "WARNING: Poo flying through the air").

Anyway, time to head to bed. Audrey seems to have settled and I need to rest up for our exciting day tomorrow. GAB and GAP are coming to visit!  :oD

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