Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Asparagus Season is Here!

Yummy, yummy asparagus season is here! I never realized how much better it tastes when it's fresh and local. 

I cut the asparagus into 2" lengths after breaking off the ends and parboiled it for 2 minutes. Drained it and then dressed it with olive oil, lemon zest, real parmigiana cheese, and a little salt and pepper. Perfection! Thank you goes to the Italians for coming up with this one. They definitely seem to understand how to cook simply with fresh ingredients.

When reading Animal Mineral Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I discovered the possibility of staying on a working farm in Italy. Apparently it is quite common there to stay on a working farm in lodgings similar to a bed and breakfast to truly taste the region you are in. ...sounds very, very interesting to me! Who wouldn't want to stay somewhere like this:

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