Thursday, July 4, 2013

July--My month of clearing clutter

I'm feeling overwhelmed by stuff these days. I don't want to bring more in and I want to minimize what we have and don't use/need. So once a day for the month of July I'm going to get rid of something that we don't need.

So far. . . 

July 1 -- coffee pot with a broken water seal to environmental recycling
July 2 -- pair of flip flops with the sole separating in the garbage (I already tried repairing them)
July 3 -- Shark steam mop box into the recycling (it's okay Tim the warranty period is over)
July 4 -- old Braun handblender for which I couldn't get a mixer attachment. It went to a lovely lady on freecycle who gave me a hardcover Wilbur Smith novel via freecycle over a year ago. 
July 5 -- our massive stroller that no consignment store wants to sell since it's only a Graco and my kijiji listing was an epic fail in getting any interest for. (A day early to the single mother because she wants to pick it up now.)

What should the next few days be? Maybe I'll donate a pair of my shoes I don't use to good will? I'm pretty appalled at the number of shoes I have that I don't need. And our old wireless router would likely be worth something on kijiji or craigslist if I don't wait 5 years before trying (better run that one past the husband though!)

To be clear, I'm only getting rid of items I won't need to replace any time soon and aren't serving any particular function here in our home. And for my husband's sanity I am try selling what I can on kijiji first, giving away second. 

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