Sunday, January 13, 2013

A couple completions and an WIP

My Mom and Dad made the drive of 3,000 km (approx. 1,800 miles) to spend some time at Christmas with us. During that time, at the very last minute, because that's the way my Mom and I roll, we got down to business and got some piecing done for a comfort quilt.

Now to finish to few extra blocks we decided we need and to cut the solid colour blocks.

Since my machine is setup in the dining room and I have a lot of sewing stuff to get accomplished before I make my daughters school uniform jumpers (waiting on fabric and pattern to arrive from the US that I ordered this past week), I decide to pick some low hanging fruit and get a couple easy projects done.

The first were a few small "piddle pads" for my daughter's car seat. We're in the process of toilet training, and while we've never had issues in the car, it's much easier to take a small thin pad up with us to clean than unhook the entire cover and bring that up to wash. She is only 2 after all. Mistakes will happen, I'm sure.

One side is PUL (the owl fabric) and the other is a soft flannel fabric, both picked out by my daughter, so she'll definitely like these when she sees them in the morning. I think we're going to keep two and send two to her friend Meghan who is also starting to toilet train now. I have more fabric so I can always make more for us if we need it.

I also broke down and hemmed a pair of my husbands jeans that have been languishing in my sewing nook for probably close to a year. I think my husband even forgot that we had purchased them for him. I tried a new-to-me method of hemming jeans I came across on Pinterest. You can check it out here:

And here's a picture of the results I achieved:

I'm not 100% happy with the results, but it was 85% easier than the way I learned when I worked at the alteration shop in my college days and the tutorial itself is well done with clear to follow steps and pictures.

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