Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday--iSpy Drunkard's Path Nearly Complete

I'm so close, I can feel it. The quilting is done, now I just need to bury and trim my threads and then bind it. 

I didn't pay any particular attention to colour values when laying out the quilt. I just treated it like a scrappy and didn't put two of the same fabrics side-by-side. 

My daughter already loves it and has been following my progress with it since I got the 5" squares back from an iSpy swap I participated in. I guess I better make a decision on the binding so I can actually finish a quilt. I'm leaning toward a solid red binding since I already have the perfect one in my stash, I can just replace it for the project it was planned for when I get around to actually completing the project.

I'm already planning my next projects: [insert evil laugh here] 

* I'd like to make myself a purple suede business card holder. I created a sample of the pattern I came up with in a thick paper to see how I like it before I cut into my prized thrift store suede (I cut up the ugly jackets nobody wants to wear).

* I'm planning on a Hungry Caterpillar pillowcase to match my daughter's sheet since she doesn't want me to take her Dr. Seuss pillowcase off and put a regular boring adult one on.

* I want to start the embroidery on my daughter's day of the week outfit organizers. I found some really cute vintage cat embroidery patterns (my daughter is obsessed with cats, guess it's better than Disney princesses!) 

Here are one of the cats. If you are interested in seeing the rest I have links on this pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/iamaeble/days-of-the-week-embroidery/

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Susan Being Snippy said...

I am always taking fabric intended for one project and using it on another! And the red will complement the lime green very well, I think. I love those Vintage Cats too. I have a couple of variations of them somewhere in my closets!

Patti said...

Great idea combining iSpy with DP! It looks great.

Dolores said...

You've got a great list of projects lined up. I think the red binding would look good on your quilt. Have fun with the old embroidery patterns. It seems "like everything old is new again..."

Sara said...

The green and red in there make it look really lovely and LOVE the quilting:)

Mary Ann said...

I love that quilt:) I'm a big fan of vintage embroidery and I did that set of cats for a friend many years ago. I don't recall what she used them for but they were fun to do.

Jerimi said...

I love your scrappy quilt! It looks beautifully complex, in a good way.

Cathy Tomm said...

Great I spy. I think a red binding would work great. Cats are better than all the junk kids could like. I was an animal lover, cats, dogs and then horses. I still have a few animals.

What Comes Next? said...

love the scrappy I-spy drunkards path, and the red sounds like the perfect binding for it. Cute little kitties.